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Upgrades can improve performance and help you gain a few more years of reliable service from your computer system. The wrong upgrades can be a nightmare, so don’t let someone allow you to spend too much on upgrades that may not be worth paying for. In some cases spending too much can be questionable when a new system can be a much better investment.

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Increasing a computer’s memory or RAM, by far is the best way to increase its performance. More memory allows your computer system to run more applications and keeps more data in an area that is extremely fast to access. Memory upgrades can easily make your system seem like it is twice as fast as it once was. We will make sure your memory upgrade is the right type and speed for your system. The wrong memory upgrade can actually make your system run slower and be susceptible to system crashes and slow performance.
Upgrading your systems disk drive can help improve a systems performance significantly. Especially if your drive is old or filling up. Newer drives perform much faster and have better capabilities than older models so they work more quickly and efficiently. Care must be taken when upgrading drives as some systems will not work or require updates to be able to utilize larger and newer drives
CPU or central processing unit upgrades can be possible but can depend on several factors. Computer systems have limits on the CPU’s they can accommodate. System thermal design can sometimes require modification since some processors require more cooling to keep from shutting down or burning up.
GPU or graphics processing unit upgrades can help system performance if you notice your screen filling in slowly or if you're a gamer. Some modern GPU's require a special interface and good thermal design to keep them cool and operating normally. Some require more power and the power supply may require an upgrade

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